Oakland CA Bathtub Repair, Replacement & Refinishing

Since 1998, The Bathtub Medic has helped countless homeowners improve the functionality and appeal of their bathtubs. Whether you need your bathtub, repaired, refinished, resurfaced or replaced, the team at The Bathtub Medic will provide you with the upgraded bathtub you seek.

The Bathtub Medic offers a wide range bathroom contracting services to customers in Oakland, California and the surrounding areas. Here is a brief look at some of the services offered:

Bathtub and Shower Conversions

Are you having difficulties getting in and out of your bathtub? If so, consider having The Bathtub Medic cut out the wall and install a visually pleasing Safeway Step in its place. The Safeway Step will make it easier for you to get in and out, and is a common choice for those looking to make their bathrooms safer and more accessible.

Acrylic or PVC Wall Surround Installations

If you don’t want to go the ceramic tile route, then consider a PVC or acrylic wall surround. Not only are these walls pleasing to the eye, but they also make simplify the shower cleaning process, and they are more affordable than tile.

Countertop Resurfacing

Whether you have old, withered tiles, or you simply want to improve the look and feel of your countertops, consider having them resurfaced by The Bathtub Medic. You’ll love the way they look, and resurfacing is less expensive than installing new tile. There are myriad colors to choose from, so there’s no need to worry about matching the décor of your bathroom!

Tile Wall Steam Cleaning

The Bathtub Medic’s 300-degree steam cleaning service will have your bathroom tile looking good as new. With a pass of our specialized cleaning tools, you’ll see years of bathroom grime and dirt wash away in seconds, making your Oakland area bathroom look fresh and clean once again.

If you need bathtub repair, refinishing, resurface or replacement in Oakland, California, then contact the experts at The Bathtub Medic today at 415-289-0125.