FAQ - Bathtub Repairs & Reglazing

1) How long does the process take, and how much downtime is required?
The bathtub refinishing process usually takes one day for a non-spray, low-odor resurfacing job, and a day and a half for a conventional, sprayed-on, refinishing job. The bathtub or sink can generally be used the next day.

2) Does the work come with a guarantee?
Yes, we offer a five year written guarantee when resurfacing an entire bathtub or shower pan or wall tile, and a one year guarantee on spot repairs of chips and cracks.

3) Is it possible to change the color of a tub or sink or tile?
Yes, our sprayed-on resurfacing technique allows us to change color at will. We stock three shades of white and two shades of beige, and we can have the supplier custom match colors, so that we can change the colors of your bathroom to whatever color you’d like.

4) Can you do anything to improve the look of formica or cultured marble counter tops?
Yes, we can resurface counter tops with a multi-colored “flecked” look. This is an inexpensive way to update counter tops, and it is highly durable. Again, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is an easy way to solve the problem of cracked, ugly counter tops.

5) What about fiberglass tubs that are cracked or hard to clean ?
The Bathtub Medic has repaired many hundreds of fiberglass bathtubs with cracks in the floor or in the walls. Our process involves reinforcing the soft floors of tubs with wood and body filler, and sometimes even cement, then installing a permanent new floor over the repaired areas. For cracks on the walls of fiberglass bathtubs, we grind the crack and fill it and sand it until it’s smooth, then match the color and air-brush it. We can also clean and polish fiberglass tubs to make them look shiny and attractive, at a fraction of the price of refinishing.

6) The walls around our bathtub have water damage. Do we have to rip out the walls and replace all the tile?
Our acrylic or PVC wall systems look great, are waterproof enough to repair water-related damage, and they can often be installed right over the tile, without having to rip out the tile. We can also install Swanstone, a beautiful composite that comes in a variety of colors and multi-colors, to significantly upgrade the look of the bathroom.

7) Our tub is in pretty good shape. It only has a couple of chips in it. Can you repair just the chips, without having to do the whole tub over again?
Yes, we can do a spot repair on chips, repairing them and then air-brushing the color to match. This usually requires two or three hours and it’ll save you hundreds over the cost of refinishing the entire tub.

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