Bathtub Repair, Replacement & Refinishing - Mill Valley CA

While porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs and showers look great when first installed, they can start to show serious signs of aging as the years go by. With daily use, they can also sustain unsightly damage and have a negative effect on the look of your entire bathroom. Fortunately, The Bathtub Medic has been providing quality bathtub repair, replacement, and refinishing services in Mill Valley, CA for 20 years now. Our founder, Wayne Watkins, has personally worked on more than 5,000 bathtubs and employs a staff of skilled workers who are highly experienced in making old tubs and showers like new again.

Bathtub Repair

Small bathtub chips and cracks can grow to be huge problems if left unaddressed. At The Bathtub Medic, we offer bathtub repair services to Mill Valley, CA residents so that small imperfections don’t cost you in the long run. During a bathtub repair, we start by reinforcing the underside of the tub with wood, body filler and concrete to ensure there are no surprises. We then add a new floor to your tub that sits right on top of your existing tub floor to extend the life of your tub overall.

Bathtub Replacement

While we always do our best to repair first, there are certain instances in which bathtub repair just isn’t possible. There are also some situations in which homeowners simply decide it’s not worth repairing. Either way, The Bathtub Medic can tear out your old tub and replace it with a brand new one. Replacing a bathtub can be tricky, which is why you want to be sure you’re working with seasoned professionals, such as those we employ. We’ll make sure your new tub goes in correctly and efficiently so that you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of being without a shower for long.

Bathtub Refinishing

Whether your tub is discolored, faded, or simply unattractive, The Bathtub Medic can use the most recent bathtub refinishing techniques to bring back the shine and make it look like new. We can even work to refinish the surrounding tile so that it matches the aesthetic of the resurfaced tub or shower and makes cleaning a much easier task. We’re so confident in our bathtub refinishing services that we offer a five-year guarantee on all refinishing projects we complete.

Could your bathtub, shower, or tile use a little TLC? Contact the experts at The Bathtub Medic for more information on our bathtub repair, replacement, and refinishing services in Mill Valley, CA, and to schedule a consultation today.