Berkeley CA Bathtub Repair, Replacement & Finishing

The Bathtub Medic has built its sterling reputation in the Berkeley, California area by providing high-quality work and superior customer service. Providing a wide range of services, including bathtub repairs, refinishes, resurfacings and replacements, you can refresh the look of your bathroom space with just one call to The Bathtub Medic.

If you are having difficulties getting in and out of your existing bathtub, convert it to a shower by cutting out a wall and installing a Safeway Step. This will make bathing much easier for you, and reduce the step height to get in and out of your shower area.

Have you ever heard of acrylic or PVC wall surrounds? These walls are a more economical alternative to ceramic tile, and they are highly regarded for their delightful looks and easy maintenance needs. Installing acrylic or PVC wall surrounds in your Berkeley, California bathroom will make it easier to clean the shower – just one of the many reasons these are one of the most popular bathroom upgrades.

Another service available from The Bathtub Medic is countertop resurfacing. Improve the look and feel of your counters with resurfacing in your choice of new colors. Many homeowners prefer this coating over a full replacement because it looks great and is far less expensive that a complete removal and new installation.

In addition, we are often hired to steam clean tiled walls, which we do at 300 degrees. Cleaning at this temperature not only eliminates soap scum, grime and dirt, but also removes built-up minerals from hard water that habitually build up on your walls. This can also wash away any mold or mildew, as well. Your tiles will look new and improved after they’ve been steam cleaned!

As experienced bathroom contractors, The Bathtub Medic has the tools and expertise to work on all types of bathroom spaces. If you need help improving the look and functionality of your bathtub and bathroom in Berkeley, California, contact The Bathtub Medic today by calling 415-289-0125.